Cumbrian Food Specialities to Cook at Home

When you’re hiring a Windermere Boutique Cottage, you don’t have to go out for dinner. With these Cumbrian food specialities, you can cook up some traditional Cumbria food in the comfort of your own home. The only difference at Rose Cottage, is you can relax in your Windermere hot tub or enjoy more facilities at the nearby spa hotel.

Sausage and Mash

This isn’t any old sausage, not if you’re staying true to local Cumbrian food specialties. When you’re staying at your Windermere Boutique Cottage, buy some Cumberland sausage to cook back in the open plan kitchen.

With plenty of local butchers in and around the Lake District, you will easily find somewhere to buy this local favourite. Just look for the distinctive coiled sausage, pick up some locally sourced potatoes and you’ll be well away.

Roast Lamb

Invite some friends over to your boutique spa cottage and sit around the dining table ready for a traditional dinner. When you’re staying in Windermere, then your choice has to be Cumbrian Lamb.

Cumbrian lambs enjoy foraged herbs and plants, which in turn gives the meat it’s unique flavour. Go all out on the trimmings, and enjoy a home cooked roast dinner during your Lake District holiday.

Cumberland Tatie Pot

If you want to use the local lamb for a slightly different Cumbrian food speciality then you must try the Cumberland Tatie Pot. Have a look online for a traditional recipe and buy the ingredients locally in Windermere.

As well as the lamb itself, other key ingredients include black pudding and potatoes. When you’ve been out walking the fells of the Lake District, the Cumberland Tatie Pot will make the perfect dinner.

Windermere Char

If you’re staying in the Lake District, then traditional Cumbrian food doesn’t come much more local than Windermere Char. The freshwater fish can be found in the Lake’s and at local fish mongers, or more specifically swimming in Lake Windermere.

This beautiful fish is best served gently baked in the oven, with nothing more complicated than a selection of roasted vegetables. The simplicity of the meal gives you plenty of time to put your feet up and watch some television, or make the most of your outdoor hot tub.

Cumberland Rum Nicky

While out walking in the Lake District, be sure to grab some Kendal Mint Cake for that extra piece of energy. If however you’re thinking of what you can make back in your Windermere Boutique Cottage, then you can’t go far wrong with Cumberland Rum Nicky.

Shortcrust pastry, an array of spices and a tot or two of dark rum. Stick it in the oven while you’re enjoying your traditional Cumbrian dinner and you’ll have the perfect desert ready in no time.

Windermere Rose Cottage

Book a holiday at Rose Cottage in Windermere, where you can start cooking in your open plan kitchen/dining room. Not only that but when you stay in our Windermere Boutique Cottage, there are some more amazing features. There’s an outdoor hot tub in your private garden, relaxation rooms, a circular whirlpool bath and much more.