Hiking in the Lake District

The Lake District is one of the best places to hike in England and offers a wide choice of stunning locations to start from.

Rich in rivers, fells and wide open landscapes and offering picturesque views, the Lake District is the most popular National Park in England and if you are a regular visitor you will understand that each visit is very different from the last.

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Our idea was to first camp in the valley before taking a hike up the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike. We walked for a while in the morning before seeing the mountain itself. This happened after mist started clearing before us. I could see patches of snow that had been left on the sides of Scafell. We decided to settle somewhere and one of us spotted a good site in the vicinity. It was a place where I had always dreamt of – quiet, serene and with a good view of the surrounding areas.

We later followed Sty Head that led us up towards Wesdale and Borrowdale. If you want to head to Ennerdale, you have to go left from this point. The path has a rough trail that requires concentration to follow. We went right towards sprinkling tarn which lies about 2000 feet above sea level. To reach it, you have to turn right. From here, we had the option to go to Scafell Pike or head towards the Langdales. We followed the trail towards Scafell Pike. We were happier once heading towards our destination.

The next stretch was easy but still we had to navigate another mile before reaching Scafell Pike. This road is considered one of the roughest in the whole of the Lake District. After sometime, we were at a narrow cove. Here, we were only left with a very steep slope before reaching the Pike. We were soon at the Pike which stands at 978m.

When descending from the Pike, we decided to take a path towards the northwest direction that took us towards the Lingmell Col. the route is leads to Styhead. It is one of the paths that I will never forget as it offered spectacular views of the whole region. There is a road with stone steps on this trail. We walked down until we reached grassland. We later crossed the river before reaching the National Trust campsite which is located near the bottom of the hill. We later stopped at Wasdale for food and drinks.

This route took us over 12 km and an elevation of about 914m. So long as you are fit, you are almost guaranteed to complete this trail. However, it is advisable to start this journey early enough to save time for resting and ascending up and down.

It takes about 5-6 hours to complete this trail but it can take longer if you take more rest or walk very slowly. A lot of water is advised when looking to tackle this trail as you can get dehydrated.

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