Windermere – the perfect place for a UK holiday

Thousands of Brits decide to stay in the UK for their holidays each year and a vast number of them are planning to visit the Lake District. Up to 35% of the population are expected to book holidays on British shores, and Windermere and Bowness are once again high up on their list of places to go.

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Tourism in the Lake District first began in the Victorian Era, when rich aristocrats would escape the smoke and smog of the cities to breathe the pure, clean mountain air of the Lake District. No longer just the haunt of the rich, the Lake District now attracts on average, 15.5 million visitors per year, with over 30% of those staying more than one day.

Almost 20,000 full time jobs are related directly to tourism in the Lake District, rising to almost 40,000 during the summer months when extra café staff, hotel staff, shop assistants are employed on a seasonal basis. The Lake District economy is estimated to be worth more than £6.5 million per year, and 40% of visitors who stay over, book hotels in advance. Nearly 20% of the revenue is generated by visitors who buy food and drink and spend money on transport, boat trips and sightseeing tours.

Lake Windermere (simply known as Windermere to the locals, as it is actually a mere and not a lake), this vast stretch of water is 10.5 miles in length and around a mile wide. This is the largest and most well-known lake in England, and the deepest part is around 225 feet deep. Water levels in winter can cover the piers and promenade of Bowness Bay.

The lake is also home to 18 islands, the largest being Belle Isle, which is the only one to ever be inhabited. The island is 1km in length and Belle Isle House was built in 1774 to designs by John Plaw. The house is circular and built of brick with three floors.

For visitors who want to explore Windermere, take a trip on board the Windermere Lake Cruises, which depart from Ambleside, Bowness and Lakeside. Island cruises are also available, plus a Freedom of the Lakes Cruise, where users can hop on board any vessel crossing Windermere for a period of 24 hours. Buffet cruises are also available, plus trips to the Lakes Aquarium and the Lakeland Motor Museum.

From the southern-most end of Lake Windermere at Newby Bridge, the first pier you will come to is Lakeside, on the western side of the Lake. This is where the Lakes Aquarium can be found, and is also served by the Haverthwaite Steam Railway, running between Haverthwaite and Lakeside.

Bowness Bay is the busiest pier in the Lake District, and the pier is sheltered by Belle Isle.

Visitors can disembark at Brockhole Visitor Centre where smaller launches pick up and drop off. This pier is on the eastern shoreline. Waterhead is the last stop at the northern end of the lake, and is known as the Ambleside end of Lake Windermere.

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